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Private Military and Security Contractors' Demographics

In this project we shed light on the workforce of the private military and security industry. Looking at contractors that died in Iraq during the Iraq War the project created a dataset that offers empirical insights into the general discussion on the industry. The project compares and contrast the workforce to enlisted soldiers, identifying the similarities and differences between those two populations.

2020. Swed, Ori, and Daniel Burland. 2020. “Contractors in Iraq: Exploited Class or an Exclusive Club?Armed Forces & Society.

2018. Swed Ori, Jae Kwon, Bryan Feldscher, and Thomas Crosbie. “The Corporate War Dead: New Perspectives on the Demographics of American and British ContractorsArmed Forces & Society.

Using: The Corporate War Dead Dataset

Researchers: Ori Swed, Thomas Crosbie, Daniel Burland, Jae Kwon, Bryan Feldscher

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